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Welcome to the Maths page!

On this part of the website you will find resources to help you with your maths at home. 

NSPCC Maths Day 2024

Some problem solving solutions from Coates Primary School. The children played the memory game! It put their describing and drawing skills to the test! They even managed to test Mr Bradshaw in assembly. The children also solved some NRich problems and they published their own class books of their solutions. 


Year 3 Maths Day

Year 4 Maths Day

Year 6 Maths Day

Coates Primary School Published! 

Last year our year 4 teacher Alison Penney was part of the Girls in Maths project. She worked alongside the Local Authority and Nrich. Alison's project was successful, and in this success she was published in the national maths journal, Primary Mathematics. We are very proud of Alison and the hard work she contributed to this project and cascaded out to staff in wider CPD. Please see PDF below for the article that was published.  

Purple Problem Solving 


At Coates Primary we have been developing our problem solving skills throughout the year. In our work books we have been focusing on particular problem solving skills each half term. 

Autumn Term 1 focus: Patterns

Autumn Term 2 focus: Visualising

Sprint Term 1 focus: Trial and Improvement 

Please see attached information about maths problem solving skills that are taught throughout the maths curriculum at Coates Primary. 

Autumn 2

NSPCC Number Day 2023


At Coates Primary School we have taken part in Number Day this year. It was a fabulous day filled with problem solving, games, challenges all focused around number. We dressed up in digits, learned the importance of the charity NSPCC and why we were raising money as a school. At the end of the day we finished off in style by playing "Play Your Cards Right!" as a whole school. 

White Rose Parent Guides

Maths Curriculum Statement

Times Tables 


Please see below some links to practise your focus times tables. These games are to help you increase your pace and improve your fluency of times tables up to 12 x 12. 

Times Table Rockstars App

Maths at Home Guide

Number blocks 

Click on the link below for games and clips about Numberblocks, a fun way of teaching number and learning about the value of number for children in the EYFS and KS1. 

End of KS2 Assessment Parents Information