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A Curriculum Without Levels

With the introduction of the new curriculum has come a new method of assessing progress which has replaced the old 'levels' (i.e. 2b, 4b) which would have been familiar with. We are now using a system called Target Tracker which measures children’s progress in 'steps'. There are 6 steps to work through in a year. For example, if your child is in Year 3 they may be assessed at the start of the year as a 2w targeted at the end of the year as a 3w. This does not equate to the old level 3, but the 3 refers to Year 3 and the w relates to Working within. Children who are secure are working at their age range would be graded as (S) secure.

Steps documentation is broken into 'Bands' and, further, into subject areas. Bands broadly represent School Years, e.g. Band 1 statements are associated with Year 1; Band 2 statements are associated with Year 2, etc. However, a distinction is made between Bands and Years as Bands may have a broader spectrum where some pupils may be working above or below their School Year progression.

Steps within the documentation can be used to show progress and attainment within each band and enables teachers to monitor a pupil's overall attainment. These steps are defined as:

B = Beginning

W = Working within

S = Secure - Working at age related expectations

S+ = Secure plus - Greater Depth

(Greater Depth - is termed as a child who has a deep understanding of the band they are working within, demonstrating fluency, reasoning, understanding and able to apply their knowledge in a range of contexts.)

The information below also can help you see what your child has been or will be studying as the year progresses.