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Robins – Reception

Welcome to Robins Class


Hello and welcome to the Robins class page. Our names are Mrs Lilley and Mrs Fountain and we are your reception class teachers for this year. Mrs Lilley works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Fountain works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. 

Mrs Norris is our class TA and teaches Forest schools weekly to the reception children. Katy Lilley-Creedon is our EYFS apprentice who works with the Robins class on a Tuesday.


This page is for Robins class to update you on what the children have been learning, locating information and uploading useful websites or pages for you and your children to explore. Please visit regularly for updates.  



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Summer 2
All about   me


Autumn and Winter


All Creatures

Great and Small 

Globe TrottersSow and Grow


Weekly Reminders 


Book change days are Monday and Thursday - Please can your child's book and reading record be in school everyday to enable us to hear readers in the school week.


Library Book change day is a Tuesday.


P.E days are Monday and Wednesday - Can your child come to school wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear. 


Forest School is on a Thursday- Please ensure your child has appropriate weather clothing (waterproofs, wellies, warm clothes and change of socks). 


PE days to start WC 11th September 

Key Dates

Phonics and Reading Information Evening 

Phonics and Reading information evening 20th September at 5pm. Come along to find out more about how to support your child at home with Phonics and learning to read. 

Forest School Art Piece

In forest school this week the children have been looking at the different types of leaves that are in our school environment. We have talked about how all the leaves have a central stem and veins that come off of it. The children decorated some material with leaves by placing a leaf on a wooden board, the cloth goes over the top and then they hit it with a hammer. This marks the material so that you can see the leaf shape, central stem and the veins.

Cheese Swirls

This week in Robins class the children cooked their own cheese swirls. They grated the cheese, rolled out the pastry and spread the cheese across the pastry. The children have been learning about Brazil this week, and cheese bread is a traditional breakfast and the children cooked their own version of this. The children loved tasting these! :) 

Outdoor Maths Day

Spring 2 Writing

Easter Nests

The Great Fen School Trip

The children had the opportunity to go to the Great Fen this week, exploring the Ramsey Heights Wood. They travelled on a bus, explored the pond for tadpoles and water snails, learned about the life cycle of a frog and spent some time looking for birds with binoculars in the bird hide. They also had fun in the mud kitchen and den building, it was quite slippery out and about in the woods, but the Robins class had lots of fun! 

World Book Day 2024

Sequencing Sandwiches

Today the children worked in groups of four. They were given four images that showed instructions of how to make a sandwich. First, they had to order the images into the correct sequence. Then they were asked to use time phrases such as: first, then, next, after and finally to help them order the images. Then they worked together to make a jam sandwich which an adult then helped to cut into four equal parts for them to share.

Fairy Tale Day

Spring 1 Learning Wall

NSPCC Number Day 2024

Making and Tasting Porridge - Three Bears

Forest School- Daffodil Planting

Three Bears Small World Faces

Forest School- Bird Feeders

Nativity - It's a Party

This week the children have performed their Nativity play- "It's a Party". The children were amazing! We are so proud of them all :) 

Handprint Tigers

Chocolate Firework Sparklers

This week the Robins have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We decided to make our own edible sparklers using breadsticks, sprinkles and melted chocolate. They were absolutely delicious.

Forest School: Mud Paintings

This week in Forest School the children have been exploring the outdoor area. They had the opportunity to create mud pictures with the mud collected, along with colour mixing some powder paints. The children created pictures of items they could find in their garden, or our outdoor area. The children also went on a bug hunt and found lots of worms! 

Early Stages of Writing

Fire Engine Visit


The Robins have been learning all about people who help us. They were lucky enough to get a visit from some firefighters and their fire engine. They learnt all about how firefighters protect us and how their fire engine works. They saw huge ladders and hoses which they would use to put the fires out. They also got to sit in the fire engine!

Cooking Banana and Blueberry Muffins

Forest School: Loose Parts People

Grandparents Day


Thank you so much to all the Grandparents (and Great Grandparent) that attended Robins ‘Grandparents Afternoon’ where we shared and compared toys from our childhoods and made mixed media pebble families.



Autumn 1 Learning 

The children in Robins class have settled so well into school life. They have been busy getting to know each other, learning their way around the classroom and enjoying some of the independent learning jobs in the classroom. They have been learning about their friends through their All About Me boxes and they have been practising their fine motor through our disco dough games. A brilliant start to the school term. Well done Robins. We are really proud of you! 

Autumn 1 Learning- The first few weeks!

Library Bus 

The library bus is back in school on the 17th March.  Please bring any books back to be returned to the library bus on this date. 

Reception Baseline Assessment Parent Leaflet

50 things to do before you are five

Please see link below to take to you the 50 things project and app that you can download for free.

Try out the app and see what activities you can find! 

Useful Links and information 


Please see links attached below which have been recommended by the Early Years Team. The Cbeebies link has lots of useful ideas to try at home with your child, information and advice for parents. A handy tool! 


Another useful link is the Cbeebies Alphablocks and Numberblocks shows. They are lots of fabulous clips on BBC iplayer which are used in school to help visualise and build numbers. Please do share and take a look at home with your child. 


Finally is the 'Activity Passport' for children which has been released by the Government with a list of recommended activities and learning opportunities for children to experience at each age and stage. Please do try these at home. 


Useful Websites 

Useful Information

  • PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Indoor kits needed and outdoor kits in the summer, please come into school wearing the appropriate kit.

  • Forest Schools are planned on Thursday afternoons. Wellies and waterproof coats are needed. A letter and information about a start date will follow. 
  • Please ensure all clothing is labelled.
  • Lunch - we like to encourage healthy lunch choices avoiding items such as chocolate and sweets in lunch boxes. If your child is having a hot dinner then please discuss the menu so that they know whether to choose the meat, vegetarian or Pick n Mix options.
  • Extra snack can be brought in for morning break time- fruit or vegetables only.
  • Guided reading will be completed as a whole class session three times a week. 
  • 1:1 reading will be completed on a weekly rota with adults in class.
  • During better weather please ensure that your child has sun cream and a sunhat.
  • In the winter months please ensure your child has a suitable jacket along with hats and gloves too.
  • Children can bring a change of shoes to be able to go onto the play equipment outside and the field during play times in the summer months.

All about Me Boxes


Don't forget to bring in your Summer/All about me boxes into school next week as we would love to see all of the things that are important to you at home. Photos of your family and friends are welcome so we can display these with pride in our classroom. 

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.