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Nightingales – Year 4

Welcome to Nightingales Class!


Hello, I am Mrs Penney and I am thrilled to be teaching Year 4 this year. I am also the Music and History lead this year. I love to sing and play the piano in my spare time as well as spend lots of time with my family. 


I am really excited about all of our topics this year and hopefully a bit more 'normality'!

In Year 4 our topics we will cover are 

Autumn 1- 'Fantastic France' 

Autumn 2- 'Ancient Greece'

Spring 1- 'What did the Romans do for us?'

Spring 2- 'Life as a raindrop'

Summer 1-' The history of the Fens'

Summer 2- 'Explorers'

Useful Information


  • PE days this term will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
  • Children are expected to read regularly and bring their reading book and diary to school every day.
  • Homework is uploaded to Google Classroom every Thursday and is due in on Tuesday. 
  • Spellings are uploaded to Google Classroom every Thursday and your child will be tested on these the Wednesday after they have been set.
  • If your child is having a school dinner then please share the different options available to them so that they know whether they are having the meat, vegetarian, jacket potato or pick 'n' mix option.
Below are some links to websites that are really useful to use throughout the year:

Summer 1


As part of our Mountain Topic this term, we have been focussing on painting mountains in art looking at different techniques with watercolour paints. We all had a lot of fun learning the different techniques and then choosing one of them to use for our final piece of artwork. 

Spring 2

Fundraising for Ukraine

We have had a group of children in the class who are being sponsored to travel 10km and they have made an absolutely outstanding effort in order to raise money. All week the entire Year 4 class have been walking the mile every day in order to help and the children have really enjoyed it. We also created a sunflower for our window which can be seen looking out onto the playground. 


As part of our States of Matter topic, we have been exploring the melting and freezing points of water and some other liquids. Mrs Penney had frozen some liquids into ice cubes for us to explore and we realised that some of the liquids such as the oil, soap and washing up liquid had only partially frozen and the honey hadn't frozen at all because different materials have different freezing points. We enjoyed handling the frozen cubes! 

World Book Day

We had lots of fun during World Book Day. We did a book share with Reception and wrote our own sequels to our favourite stories.

Spring 1

Number Day

We did lots of fun problem solving activities such as a multiplication square jigsaw, finding as many ways as possible to create a symmetrical necklace and several different number quizzes.

Number Day

Autumn 2

Greek Myths

We have been really enjoying learning about lots of different Greek Myths in our Guided Reading lessons this term which has resulted in us creating and writing our own Greek Myths complete with our own Greek hero and monster! The enthusiasm for our Big Write this week was just amazing as everyone was so excited to write their myth. 

Greek Heroes and Monsters

Greek Myth A

Greek Myth B

Greek Myth C

Anti-Bullying, Road Safety and Strictly Week

It's been a very busy week this week! We have been taking part in Anti-Bullying Week, Road Safety Week and Children in Need as well as making Batons for the Commonwealth Baton Relay.

As part of Anti-Bullying week we learnt the song, One Kind Word and also learnt to sign it in British Sign Language. 

On Children in Need Day we all dressed up in something that made us feel fab-u-lous and had a half an hour strictly dance lesson where we learnt the Charleston.


Learning the Charleston

We designed batons for the baton relay of the Commonwealth Games. We designed them, thought about why we had chosen our designs and wrote a message to place inside our batons.