Coates Primary School

Reach for the stars, be the best that we can be

Aims and Values

School Visions:

Reach For The Stars - Be The Best That You Can Be!


School Values:

We have 6 school values which are linked to the schools aims.  Each half term we focus on one of our values throughout the school day.  Children are rewarded when they have achieved them through merits, house points, reward chart and school values certificates.  If a child is awarded all 6 values certificates throughout their time at Coates they are awarded the Coates Citizen award.


Autumn A - Independence

Autumn B - Positive Attitude

Spring A - Respect

Spring B - Courage

Summer A - Community

Summer B - Teamwork


School Aims

The school has worked on developing these by using the views of a working party of pupils to ensure the aims are relevant and understood.  To achieve these aims it is essential that school works in partnership with parents and carers.



...we welcome and respect each other and all who visit our school

…we create an environment which enables us to achieve our full potential

…we develop independence and confidence in everyone

…we nurture the spirit of working together for mutual benefit

…we have high expectations for our school and respect for its environment

…we provide a broad and balanced curriculum focusing on raising standards of achievement in all subjects

…we have high expectations of ourselves and others

…we are positive, inclusive and tolerant and foster growth mind-set to build self-esteem

…we expect everyone in our school community to have high standards of behaviour.

…we see the school as a pivotal part of the community and strive to develop community links.