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Kingfishers – Year 6

Hello and welcome to the Kingfishers class page.


My name is Mrs Walker and I am very excited about teaching Year 6. Throughout the year, we have some very interesting topics that we will cover, I cannot wait to share these with you. Within the school, I am English and PSHE leader and a member of the SLT. 


At home, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to different places, enjoying walks and spending lots of time at home, playing games and reading. 


This page will be updated throughout the year with different aspects we will be covering as well as information based upon the learning that has already taken place and useful websites.


I cannot wait to see you all and begin your Year Six journey. 


Our topics this year are:


Autumn 1      Full Steam Ahead

Autumn 2      Britain Through The Ages

Spring 1        Tales of the Riverbank

Spring 2        Extreme Earth

Summer 1     The Seafaring King Who Had Six Wives

Summer 2     Crime and Punishment

Useful information


  • During this half term, PE and Games will be on a Monday and Swimming during this half term will be on a Thursday. Please make sure your child wears their outdoor PE kit on a Monday to school and brings their swimming kits on a Thursday.
  • Children are expected to read regularly, filling in their reading diaries and bringing them in every Thursday so that I can begin to award certificates based upon their fantastic efforts.

Below are some links to websites that are really useful to use throughout the year:



Autumn Term 1

The link below is the knowledge organiser for this half term. This gives an overview of the topic including key dates and information that we will be looking at in greater detail.

Science Day


During Science Day, our school completed work based upon different areas relating to growth. Our activities related to ‘Germ Growth’. We looked at the different types of germs, how they grow and how they can spread. We made slime to see how far we could stretch it and then used Jenga blocks to see how vaccines work. We had a very exciting day!

Making Clay Rivers


Over this half term, we have been researching and learning about rivers. We have learnt about the different courses of a river and the different features they may have. We have then used this to sketch a river and finally, make our clay designs. 

Spring Term - Number Day


On February 4th, we took part in Number Day. We really enjoyed the different challenges that we were set. We completed two problem solving activities linked to Maths during the day. Finding fraction, decimal and percentage doughnuts was quite tricky! We found making 100 by placing the digits 1-9 in particular boxes and then using our addition skills to generate totals quite tricky too. However, we used our Coates Value of having a Positive Attitude and managed to succeed! We even came second when we joined in our Zoom Assembly with the rest of the school to - Play Your Cards Right!

Science - Autumn Term 2 - Electrical Investigation

During a Science lesson, Mrs Walker set a challenge to light a bulb using only one wire, one bulb and one cell. The children found this activity particularly tricky. Due to the fantastic resilience of the children, they managed to get the light bulb to work, we were all very excited!

Commonwealth Games Batons


Over this week, we have been looking at the Commonwealth Games. We began by looking at the history of the games. We then designed and produced batons for the games within groups. We thought these looked amazing! 


After this, we wrote a speech that could be said at the beginning of the games. Below is our final version:


Welcome to the Commonwealth Games. During the year, lots has changed and it has made us rethink our world and how we live our lives. We have learnt to appreciate the small things in life and prioritise our family and friends. Safety is key and we do this in lots of ways, by keeping our distance and washing our hands on a regular basis. Although it can be seen as less fun than before, we have designed ways in order to ensure we enjoy our time together. The main way we now communicate is through the use of technology, more of us are now aware of this method of communication which has helped us to see our loved ones through this difficult time.

These are the batons we produced: