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At Coates Primary School, we have developed curriculum progression  maps to guide our teaching and learning in all subjects. These break down the knowledge, skills and concepts in each subject for all year groups.  The curriculum maps are  designed to recognise children's prior learning, provide first hand experiences, allow children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.  We believe our curriculum provision at Coates Primary School reflects our local community as this has been a priority when developing the plans but also expands upon and broadens all pupils knowledge of the extended community and world. We are preparing our children for the next stage in their educational journey with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to recognise the purpose and value of their learning and to recognise its relevance to their past, present and future. In addition, we are preparing our children for an ever changing society and our curriculum is founded on supporting our children to develop their self-confidence as successful learners by promoting  positive attitudes to learning.  



Our rich, broad, engaging skills and knowledge-based primary curriculum is mostly based upon  the  curriculum progression maps we have created.  We fulfil the National Curriculum requirements for: Art, Computing, Design and Technology, English, Geography, History, Languages (MFL: French), Maths, Music, PE and Science. We also ensure we use the Local Authority guidance for RE and PSHE.   Staff training has been a priority to ensure teachers are confident in the subject knowledge they are required to teach and the pupils starting points.  


 We are developing sequential long term and medium term plans to ensure the content is progressive in line with the progression maps created and as we are at the beginning of our journey these are adapted when required. These plans are delivered by class teachers through structured, well-paced lessons, which adhere to our: Teaching and Learning, Marking, individual subject and EYFS Policies. Subject Leaders monitor the curriculum progression for each subject by ensuring a high level of teaching and learning through: 'Book checks', Drop Ins to lessons, subject leader plans, planned observations,  discussions with pupils and assessment termly/yearly.   Subject leaders have led CPD for staff to develop their subject knowledge and feedback on subject book checks etc.  



Children will develop a life-long love of learning. Children's progress and attainment in core and foundation subjects will be in line with, or exceeding National expectations. The progress/attainment the pupils make from starting points will be analysed yearly and changes will be made to the progression maps and long/medium term plans.  The broad Curriculum will help children achieve higher standards. Children's long term memory will be activated through a structured, cumulative approach to teaching and learning.  


All aspects of our curriculum are accessible to all children, irrespective of their ethnic background, gender, disability, religious or linguistic background. We strive hard to meet the needs of those pupils with special educational needs, those with disabilities, those who are more able, those with special gifts and talents and the children who are learning English as an additional language. We provide a rich, challenging curriculum, which stretches all of our children. Staff are aware of children who have exceptional talents and gifts and monitor or track their progress carefully to ensure their academic potential or talent is continually developed. For further details see separate policies: Inclusion, More Able, Gifted and Talented.


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For more information please do not hesitate to contact your childs class teacher. 

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