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Fun for Funds Group

The Fun for Funds group was established to work together with the school, to raise funds for the benefit of the pupils.


We arrange a number of events throughout the year, including the Summer Fete, Christmas Fayre, discos and movie nights, and every penny that we make from those events goes towards equipment for the school to benefit the children, or to help to fund extra trips for the children (ie transport costs).  The pirate ship in the school playground is one of the best examples of something that we have been able to provide for the pupils of Coates School, through our fund raising activities.


Every member of the group gives up their time voluntarily, and we have representatives from parents and the school in the group to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal – arranging fun activities to raise as much as we can, that every pupil at the school can then benefit from. To make sure that we are spending those funds on the right things, we regularly liaise with the school, and the children themselves, to establish what they would like to purchase. Some are ‘quick wins’ that we can fund straight away, other more expensive projects (such as the pirate ship) obviously take longer.


We have a dedicated group of volunteers already, but the events that take place do take a lot of organising and any extra help is always gratefully received. If you would like to join us on the group, please leave your details with the school office and we will contact you as quickly as possible. Even if you can’t commit to every meeting, giving us a few hours of your time at an event is every bit as valuable as without enough helpers many of the events can’t take place.


We will keep you updated with events that are planned, and what we are working towards with our fund raising through the school website. I would also take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support at the events, and look forward to seeing some new faces at our forthcoming meetings.



May 2021