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Meet the Staff

Teaching staff

Teaching staff 1 Mrs Lindsey Boucher. Headteacher (B.Ed Hons)
Teaching staff 2 Miss Sarah Johnston. Year 6 class teacher
Teaching staff 3 Miss Alex Kitch. KS1 and 2 Leader
Teaching staff 4 Miss Kelly McKee. EYFS Leader YrR
Teaching staff 5 Mrs Rebecca Bennett. Reception
Teaching staff 6 Miss Alison Penney. Year 3
Teaching staff 7 Mrs Nikki Mitchell. Year 5
Teaching staff 8 Mrs Emily Hawke. SENCO
Teaching staff 9 Mr Charlie Bradshaw. Year 4
Teaching staff 10 Mrs Dominique Lilley. Year 2
Teaching staff 11 Mrs Kerrie Benson. Intervention

Goslings Pre-school

Goslings Pre-school 1 Julia Chapman. Pre school leader
Goslings Pre-school 2 Julie Hill. Pre school assistant
Goslings Pre-school 3 Emily Beeby. Funded 2's practitioner - Pre-school

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistants  1 Mrs Carol Crackle. HLTA/Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  2 Mrs Emma Dahn. Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  3 Mrs Maria Overson. Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  4 Mrs Kate Snitch. Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  5 Mrs Treena Norris. Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  6 Miss Lisa Davidoff. Level 3 CACHE/Level 2 EY
Teaching assistants  7 Mrs Sue Johnson. Level 3 CACHE
Teaching assistants  8 Mrs Cathie Clarke. Level 3 NNEB

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Marion Seaton School Business Manager
Office Staff 2 Paula Roberts Administration Assistant.

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Midday Supervisory Assistants  1 Mrs Dawn Jackson
Midday Supervisory Assistants  2 Mrs Maria Overson. Play leader
Midday Supervisory Assistants  3 Ms Kerry Barker
Midday Supervisory Assistants  4 Mr Bob Forde. Caretaker
Midday Supervisory Assistants  5 Mrs Kirsty Berridge
Midday Supervisory Assistants  6 Mrs Clare Eve


Catering  1 Mrs Jane Agger. Assistant caterer, crossing patrol


Cleaners  1 Mrs Dawn Jackson
Cleaners  2 Mrs Jane Higgins
Cleaners  3 Mrs Sandra Gray